Vol.2 No.38 Oct.2, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

To help keep up the interest in the Tigers (as if anymore could be stirred up!), we have learned that Dan Henderson will be doing the Plymouth commercials for the World Series on radio. Dan was selected from several others in a competition for this work. Congratulations, Dan.

By the way, have you seen the full page ad KeeNeR is running regarding the Tigers - the one you can clip out and send to a friend in St. Louis?

Four of our people have been in a sort of dream for a couple of days. They're among the lucky recipients of Tiger World Series tickets. As of this writing Ann Mitchell, Mary Keem, Harry Walker and Phil Nye will be enjoying the games this weekend.

Mr. Patterson and Jack Davidson will be getting the jump on everyone for the World Series as they are attending the first game today in St. Louis.

We're sorry to report we're losing J. Mike Wilson. He has accepted a position with Station CHUM in Toronto and this is his last week with us.

October anniversaries of KeeNeRites: Russ Betz, October 19, 1949; Harry Walker October 19, 1959; and your editor, October 23, 1961.

Announcement of the winner of the KeeNeR Dream Car has been delayed until Friday in order to give as many people as possible a chance to get a card in with the proper postmark.

If any of you go to see the movie "The Paper Lion," pay particular attention to the spectators in the scene showing the game with St. Louis. John Small says if you don't blink, you'll see him there as one of them.

Chuck Borchard is looking for recruits to play a touch football game with the D. P. Brother Advertising Agency. Please contact him if you're interested and get further details. Jack Davidson will be a coach if that's any incentive!

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, October 6, 1968 is "Mobile Homes - the Growing Industry"

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