Vol.2 No.37 Sept.25, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

As you can see, this is not a two-page edition ... in fact, it's hardly a one-page edition ... so you'll have to develop some hobbies, or do some personal appearances, or suggest something interesting so that we don't go out of business for lack of news.

This coming Saturday is Susie Goldsmith's big day but her daughter has created a bit of a problem. While playing with her over the weekend, Mona Lisa flipped her hands in the direction of Susie's face and caught her in the eye, causing a scratch on the cornea and that's the reason for the eye patch she was wearing Monday.

Friday morning Jack Davidson announced that he had become an "uncle" early that day. This is his way of advising us that his daughter Diane produced his first grandchild ... a boy ... Jeff.

Sean Conrad made a personal appearance at a record hop Saturday, September 21 at the Maxey Boys School at Whitmore Lake, a correctional institution.

Phil Nye was interviewed last week by a communications school student from the University of Detroit who is conducting a survey on the operations procedures of radio news rooms.

Question of the Day: "Do you know where I can get a couple of World Series Tickets?"

Ed Busch made a personal appearance Thursday, September 19 at Grosse lIe High School speaking on careers in radio.

KeeNeR's Dream Car was on display at Northland over the weekend and was well received. It will be given away to some lucky listener September 30.

Visitors to the station: 6 Cub Scouts from Our Lady of Grace school in Dearborn Heights on Tuesday, September 24; and Katie Knorr with three students from Lahser High School, Wednesday, September 25.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, September 29, 1968 is "The Paper Lion Speaks." Actor Alan Alda discusses his role in this movie, the story of a journalist who tries to pass himself off as a quarterback with the Detroit Lions.

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