Vol.2 No.36 Sept.18,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

As you all know by now, your editor was on vacation last week. That's the reason for another work stoppage which occurred.

INSIDE KEENER officially welcomes newcomer Martin Buffalini. He joined the ranks September 11 as evening and Saturday switchboard operator. When he's not working for us, he's attending Wayne State to prepare for a career in radio. Don Wagner now has a buddy in his old car hobby as this is something which also interests Martin.

Jack Sitta attended the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Convention which was held last week in Hidden Valley, Gaylord, Michigan. While there he was elected president of the Michigan Chapter of Broadcast Pioneers, an organization composed of people who have had 20 or more years of association with radio.

Susan Goldsmith had planned a small church wedding, to be attended only by members of the family, and had sent invitations to all KeeNeRites to attend the reception. Now it appears some have expressed a desire to see the wedding so she's extending the invitation via INSIDE KEENER to all of you who would like to attend. It's to be held Saturday, September 28, 6:30 PM at St. Paul's American Lutheran Church, 21915 Beech, Dearborn.

The ALSAC Teenagers March took place Sunday, September 15 and again this year WKNR and Detroit lead the nation with over $160,000 (and it's still coming in!). In connection with this drive, Paul Cannon made an appearance in Warren, Michigan September 6 at a dance held to raise money for this worthy cause.

Former KeeNeRite George Opra left us Tuesday, September 10 to become a. DJ in a small town near Akron, Ohio.

Dick Buller's son Rick has enrolled at Michigan Tech at Houghton, Michigan. At this time he's thinking along the line of a pre-med course.

Erik Smith, former WKNR newsman, now connected with WXYZ-TV, started out a week ago last Saturday for a week's vacation in Maine with his wife and daughter. While driving, he lost control of the car (a 3-day old Buick Riviera) in Massachusetts and demolished it. Erik was cut and bruised, his daughter is OK, but his wife Sharon sustained a back injury.

If Dan Henderson appears to be giving you a wide-eyed stare, think. nothing of it. He's wearing contact lenses now.

Bill Settles and his wife have started a physical fitness campaign together and are now riding bikes approximately three times a week - five mile stretches! 

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