Vol.2 No.33 Aug. 21, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Phil Nye made a flying trip from Detroit on Tuesday noon to Atlanta, Georgia where he will be reporting on the Chrysler preview of new cars.

A familiar voice will be returning to WKNR's week-end newscasts. George Hunter will be doing a part-time trick for us starting August 31. Welcome back, George.

Jerry Martin and family are leaving this weekend for three weeks' vacation. Their trip will include a visit to Hemisfair in San Antonio, the Grand Canyon, and then across the border to Mexico to see a bull fight .

Frank Maruca has developed another interest. This time it's flying gasoline powered model airplanes in our backyard - that is, when his son lets him have it to play with.

Our "Concentration" game starts on KeeNeR this week-end and it should have our listeners glued to their transistors. Prizes will again be money.

WKNR will be represented in the big parade on Friday, August 23 when our news cruiser becomes a part of the festivities which officially open the Michigan State Fair.

Paul Cannon and family are on vacation this week visiting Montreal and "Man and His World," formerly known as Expo .

Susie Goldsmith, our Traffic bride-to-be, has set the date - it's September 28.
Mrs. Knorr's house is crawling with cats again and she'd be delighted if someone would take 1 or 2 or 3 off her hands.

Barbara Collins is laughing on the outside but crying on the inside since last Friday. Uncle Sam sent his 'greetings' to her husband.

Wanda Jarvis expects to be in the hospital for about a week. If you get a minute, you might like to send her a card. It's Room 235A _ Garden City Hospital.

Two of our DJs, Ed Busch and Dan Henderson, participated in a frisbee tournament last Wednesday in competition with some of Mayor Cavanagh's staff. This is part of the summer downtown entertainment open to the public. (In case you don't know what a frisbee is, it looks like a flying saucer).

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 25, 1968 is "Hard Core Unemployment: Seeking a solution."

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