Vol.2 No.32 August 14, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

The KeeNeR Gang celebrated another birthday this past week. We're not sure Frank Maruca was surprised when the whole gang sang to him Friday afternoon in the lounge (where he arrived after following 'party type' signs taped to the hall walls), but we're sure he didn't expect all the streamers which covered his office ceiling and hit him in the face when he returned from lunch.

For the record, your editor received three complaints last week when the paper consisted of only one sheet. If you want more, you gotta do more.

Our FM is really getting around. John Small recently received a card from a student who listens regularly from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.

INSIDE KEENER has received a fan letter. Don Wagner regularly sends the paper to his mother in Illinois and in a recent letter to him she wrote, ". And keep the Keener chronicles coming as I really enjoy them. Your editor is to be congratulated as she can make anything sound very interesting. We make a deep bow in her direction.

Have you heard about Sean Conrad's new car? Well, your editor, for one, will politely turn down any invitation to ride in it. it's a combination ambulance-hearse!

He says he needs it for all his equipment required for record hops. Present plans call for painting it professionally, probably psychedelic orange!

While on vacation recently in Port Huron, Harry Walker made a purchase in a store which had KeeNeR blaring loud and clear. Upon questioning several of the clerks, he learned that WKNR has a great following in that part of the state. When he later learned that Harry worked here and noticed that his car was wearing a bumper sticker, one of the clerks asked Harry if he happened to have anymore stickers with him so that he could put one on his car.

Wanda Jarvis will be leaving us tonight but only for a short time. She has a session in the hospital scheduled for this week for removal of a troublesome gall bladder.

Don Wagner recently visited his mother in Peoria and while waiting in his big black Lincoln Continental while she did some shopping, a station wagon full of teeney-boppers pulled in alongside of him. Apparently one of these youngsters was so overwhelmed at the sight of the car that he asked Don, "Is that one of those cars they use for funerals? And Don doesn't even look like an undertaker!

KeeNeR personnel who were with us when we were WKMH will remember the Traffic Safety Patrol and former Police Commissioner Jim Hoye who directed this operation for the station. Word reached us that Jim passed away Monday night at the age of 73.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 18, 1968 is "Education by Electronics" - a report on the increasing use of the electronic media in presentation of specialized high school courses.

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