Vol.2 No.30 July 31,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Last week's two-page edition was received most enthusiastically. We wish it could be two pages every week but that all depends on you. After the previous week's work stoppage, Mary Keem wanted to know if the items on the second page were "make goods."

Effective Monday, August 5, Al Koski will join WKNR News. Al leaves the position of Managing Editor of the Dearborn Guide to take the WKNR position.

The lure of television has snatched another one of our newsmen - this time it's Ken Moriarity who leaves us July 31 to become a street reporter for Channel 2.

Our handyman, Bob Williams, was back on the job Monday after vacationing in the South and the Smokies. While in Alabama, he visited his nephew who works as an engineer at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. This is one of the locations which is building parts for the giant rocket which will be sent to the moon from Cape Kennedy with 3 men aboard. Incidentally, Friday is Bob's birthday.

Anniversaries during the month of August: Jack Sitta, who started August 1, 1952; Don Niska, August 6, 1960: Mary Desentz, August 13, 1953; and J. Michael Wilson, August 20,-1965.

Rich Pawlowicz, who left us in June to seek his fortune in Florida, apparently hasn't discovered it there and has decided to come back home, arriving sometime the latter part of August.

Jack Davidson's daughter Carol has decided she doesn't want to be a teacher or an actress (you may remember she had a part in "The King and I" at Michigan State), so she's left MSU and has enrolled at a school of nursing.

Mr. Patterson's office seems to be the catchall for all the juicy rumors flying around lately. Thinking that you may find them as ludicrous as he, Mr. P. is a contributor this week with the following tidbits:

"Now that WKNR has been purchased by a Texan, the station is going Country and Western."

"WKNR is going all talk."

"Mr. Patterson is going to work for the National Council of Churches."

These, apparently, are just a few of the sillier ones. Says Mr. P., "Of course, none of these are true. More than that, they're pretty ridiculous. Even a good rumor should be better thought out than these!"

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