Vol.2 No.29 July 24, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

It has been the proud boast that this newspaper has never missed publication since its inception. We can no longer make this statement. During your editor's one-week vacation last week, there was an unexplained work stoppage, which will be thoroughly investigated!

For the record, Mrs. Knorr became a grandmother for the second time Wednesday morning, July 10. Susan Elizabeth presented herself six weeks prematurely and is accurately described as a 'little girl' since she weighed in at only 4 pounds.

The Sales Department has a new addition in the person of John McDonald, who joined us Monday, July 15. Welcome to the group, John.

Trying to find new ways to surprise our KeeNeR folk on their birthdays is becoming more of a challenge but when the services of Mr. Patterson were enlisted, Paul Cannon was overwhelmingly surprised on his day, Friday, July 12. There's nothing like a command from the front office to make them come running - right into a sea of faces shouting the usual greeting!

Mr. Patterson, however, blew the preparations for his surprise party on the 18th by arriving on the scene while the cake was in process of being lighted.

Doug Christie received the birthday 'treatment' on the 16th when he was called in off the road on another pretext. Paul Cannon supplied the music.

Jack Davidson's weekend plans were abruptly brought to a halt when his wife started running a fever in the 100's which later developed into bronchial pneumonia. To add to the discomfort, she also got the flu! After visits to the doctor and penicillin shots, she's coming along fine.

There are three KeeNeRites who are vacationing at some distance this week - a card from Mary Desentz indicates she's having fun in Miami, Florida, and Russ Betz sent in a card from Utah. Harry Walker has been spending time in northern Michigan with possible plans extending to Minneapolis.

On Monday and Tuesday, July 22 and 23, Paul Cannon made appearances at the Detroit Public Schools radio station WDTR for a summer radio workshop comprised of selected students from various schools.

Not to be outdone in the engagement news by Susie Goldsmith (who announced her engagement last week and did get her ring over the weekend), John Small makes a similar announcement this week. His bride-to-be is Mary Jo Couchman of Detroit. A May wedding is planned. Congratulations.

Did you know that Pat Kelly is a ham radio operator and is also interested in astronomy? Well, now you do.

Carole Wiedeman and family are leaving this weekend for a vacation in California where they will be visiting her son Jim at Edwards Air Force Base.

Mr. Patterson and Don Wagner were among the invited guests attending the ceremony Tuesday, July 30, honoring Mr. Henry Ford with a commemorative postage stamp. Dignitaries included Representative John Dingell, Mayor Orville Hubbard, Postmaster General W. Marvin Watson and Henry Ford II.

A PARAPHRASE OF THE 23rd PSALM (which some people believe)
The Government is my shepherd, I shall not work:
It maketh me to lie down on good jobs:
It leadeth 'me beside the still factories. It destroyeth my initiative:
It leadeth me in the paths of the parasite for Politics sake:
Yea, though I walk in the Valley of Deficit Spending,
I will fear no evil,
For the Government is with me:
Its doles and its vote-getters, they comfort me,
It prepareth an Economic Utopia for me by appropriating
the earnings of my grandchildren, It filleth my head with boloney,
My efficiency runneth over:
Surely the Government shall care for me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in a Fool's Paradise forever.
(Author unknown)

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 4, 196B is "New Developments in Traffic Control" - an on-the.-scene exploration of current projects underway at the General Motors research laboratories in Warren.

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