Vo1.2 No.29 July 17, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Station personnel were unexpectedly 'treated' last Wednesday to a Hero-Boy Sandwich. This is a specially constructed sandwich (3-feet long) which was mailed to us, unsolicited, from New York, compliments of Buddah Records, as a gimmick to plug a new record.

KeeNeR's serviceman, Chuck Borchard, recently found a spare moment to send in a card describing his enjoyable Army experiences in Texas. (See Sales Dept.)

KEENER EXCLUSIVE! Our Traffic gal, Susie Goldsmith, has announced her engagement. She doesn't have her ring yet - she hopes to be able to show it off after this weekend. Tentative plans are for a September wedding and !he says everybody will be invited. Congratulations, Susie.

Dick Buller and family recently returned from vacation which was spent in and around Washington, D.C. They did all the usual tourist things, plus visiting the office of Senator Griffin (he was not in at the time) and visiting the Senate.

Mark Jarvis, 14 year old son of our Traffic Manager, recently attended an annual scout camp outing at the DIA ranch at Metamora and came in 5th in the skeet shooting competition.

J. Michael Wilson made a personal appearance Saturday, July 20 at the opening of the newest Hudson shopping center, the Oakland Mall.

For the readers in the KeeNeR family, another batch of books arrived this morning for the library.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, July 28, will be "The Art of Understanding the Fast Talker."

The Subject for Sunday, July 21, was "The Changing Y", a discussion of projects undertaken by the YMCA to better the life of inner city youngsters.

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