Vo1.2 No.28 July 10, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Visitors to Camp Dearborn were treated to a look at the Bath Tub Buggy on the 4th of July when Paul Cannon took it out for a trial run. Paul says it works great - on land as well as on water - if you're the right size and really know how to work the 1evers~ The Buggy is also scheduled to be on display six more times between now and July 26 at Northland, Westland and Wonderland.

Visitors to the Station: 4 boys on Wednesday, June 26, from "The Orchard", a special home for underprivileged boys, and the "Camel Drivers" on Wednesday, July 3, a singing group who toured the station with Dan Henderson.

Mrs. Knorr's mother celebrated her 82nd birthday on Tuesday, July 9. This was also Mr. Knorr's birthday. and Mr. Patterson's father's birthday.

Our FM KeeNeRite Russ Gibb is presently vacationing in Europe and scouting new talent.

Paul Cannon and Frank Maruca are making a personal appearance today at the Dearborn Kiwanis Club showing the WKNR slide presentation.

Dan Henderson is entertaining his parents who are presently visiting him from North Carolina.

Our Traffic gal Susan Goldsmith has been limping for the last couple of days. It seems she tried to start a motorcycle, preparing to ride it, but the motorcycle wanted no part of her and kicked back.

Doug Christie is on vacation this week, relaxing at Caseville, Michigan.

Harty Walker is trying to build a tree house for his son Brad (and, he says, maybe for himself, too -- a doghouse in the sky!)

J. Michael Wilson was pleasantly surprised having a double winner on his morning show Tuesday, July 9 in the Safecracker contest. The lady who won chose her age and her son's age as the two numbers to try to open the safe - and they did it!

Your editor will be on vacation next week, so the Assistant Editor, Mr. Patterson, will be searching for items. Please give him as much consideration as you give me (which means he'll have to drag the information out of you, too!)

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, July 14, 1968 is "The Problems of Enforcement", a discussion on the rising fatality rates and recommendations, featuring Traffic Judge Richard Maher and Howard Cox of the Traffic Safety Association.

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