Vol.2 No.27 July 3,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Ron Sherwood, after an exciting (?) two weeks in the reserves, is now back on the job, all suntanned and raring to go.

Don Wagner has taken off on vacation to visit his mom in Illinois - and probably getting more material for his Pierogi Show. Another vacationer is Barbara Collins who has journeyed to Kentucky for two weeks.

Pat Kelly has been on vacation for the past three weeks in San Francisco. He claims that the only reason he didn't report this ahead of time was out of consideration for your editor - he would have had to call in the report at 3:00 in the morning.

Mickey Patrick is going to be doing some public address work on the 4th of July at Ecorse Park, Southfield and Jefferson, in connection with qualifying heats and the racing to be done by drag boats. These are small racing craft which race in the same manner as the auto drag races - except on the water - hitting speeds of 190 miles per hour in a quarter mile stretch.

Jerry Martin and family, plus friends, are taking off tonight for the 4th of July weekend on a camping trip, spending most of the time at Aloha Park near Cheboygan.

We have recently had some additions to the KeeNeR Library. We're sorry to report, however, that business has been a little less than brisk since we made the announcement of this facility some weeks back.

If you missed the Bath Tub Buggy which arrived Monday, July 1, you're in for a surprise. Don't miss it the next time around. It's a giveaway item in a 3-week station promotion in conjunction with the bath house musical instruments manufactured by Mattel.

Our new FM programming is getting excellent response with reports from listeners as far away as Cleveland. The demand for the limited supply of beach towels far exceeded the quantity we announced we had to give away.

For those who haven't yet discovered it or been told about it. we once again have a candy machine in the lounge.

In the event you've missed the public service announcements, this is to advise that Greenfield Village is holding a festival on the 4th of July - "Let Freedom Ring". You might like to include a visit there during your holiday activities.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, July 7, 1968 is "Education Equality", a discussion featuring Dr. Robert Christian, a consultant for the Office of Economic Opportunity, and Del Hopkins of Wayne State University.

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