Vol.2 No.26 June 26,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Tiny Tim was a big Success at Edgewater Park this past weekend. He was most appreciative of flowers handed to him and the audience was enthusiastic over the show he presented. He proved to be a bit of a sport, too, by trying some of the rides. One of them made him sick, however!

Marie Renner subbed for Carole Wiedeman last Friday and Monday so that Carole could be home with her son and maybe (??) her future daughter-in-law. Marie was
so thrilled at being called back again that she baked a chocolate cake for the gang. Dave Forster and John Small didn't tell any of us it was their birthday so they assumed it was for them. Fellas, if you want a cake and cards and candles and all the celebrating stuff that goes with it, all you have to do is let us know.

Bob Williams is making a hit already with the coffee group. It's b~en delightful to have coffee ready at 9:00 in the morning, and he's been making another pot before he leaves at noon. (They may not let him go on vacation in July!) He also is hereby making the request that if there are any particular little jobs that are not being properly done, please let him know.

Visitors to the station: On Tuesday, June 25, six teenage volunteers from ALSAC were here to record spots for ALSAC which will be used on all Detroit area radio stations. This is in preparation for the outstanding annual Keener promotion in which the WKNR-ALSAC Teenage March has led the nation for the past four consecutive years with contributions totaling more than $625,000.

George Opra and a buddy were caught in the downpour that hit the Pinckney area this past weekend. They were on a fishing and camping outing and the water almost turned their sleeping bags into boats.

WQXI in Atlanta, Georgia, whose personnel includes former Keenerites Jim Jeffries and Bob Neal, has lured Bob Harper away from us. Bob will be leaving us July 6.

Presently on vacation in Europe are Mrs. Knorr's daughter Katie, Mr. Patterson's sister, Mrs. Ruth Larssen, and also his niece and her husband, Linda and John Thrasher.
Mrs. Knorr was the recipient Monday night, June 24, of the Silver Award from the American Advertising Federation for "outstanding contributions in communications." Nomination for the award was made by the Board of the Women's Advertising Club of Detroit.
PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, June 30, will be "The Fine Art of Mediation" - an in-depth discussion of the problems involved in attempting to settle the marathon newspaper strike. Last Sunday's program was "A Matter of Life and Breath," a discussion about cigarette smoking and lung cancer, in place of the scheduled program concerning the Detroit newspaper strike.

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