Vol.2 No.24 June 11,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Announcement has been made that Phil Nye has been named chairman of the 1968-69 Wire study Committee of tile Michigan Associated Press Broadcasters Association.
The wanderlust bug has bitten Rich Pawlowicz and he'll be leaving us Friday. He's heading for Florida to live and work.

We have a new "Clarence" now on the premises. His name, however, is Claude. but he prefers to be called Bob. And, of all things, his last name is Williams. That makes three of them. Welcome to the KeeNeR Gang, Bob.

Your editor wishes to thank all who were in on "the plot" last Friday afternoon. They say if Mohammed won't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed. and a mountain of KeeNeRites swarmed into our office with cards and decorated birthday cake on that day. On Monday, your editor was treated to a birthday lunch by Mrs. Knorr and the restaurant owner treated me to an unusual surprise. As he left our table, he reached out to shake our hand and tipped over a partially filled iced tea glass. For a while I was wearing ice cubes and a very wet dress!

Paul Cannon represented the station in New York this past week-end at a Billboard Radio Programming Forum.

Ron Sherwood is leaving us briefly on Saturday, June 15, for two weeks of summer camp duty with the Army reserves in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Mrs. Knorr's daughter Katie is leaving in two weeks on a trip to make any traveler green with envy. It's a 30-day Wayne State University tour of Eastern Europe and Western Mediterranean and her party is made up of 15 students from the Lahser School in Bloomfield Hills and one teacher as a chaperone.

The station is host this evening to the Detroit area Chrysler Plymouth Dealers and their wives for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. The purpose is to become better acquainted and
to let them see our Keener facilities.

NOTE: The offices will close today at 5:00 PM. We need your cooperation in seeing that your desks and offices are clean and orderly before you leave. We must also have full use of the parking lot, so please be sure your car is not parked there after 5:15 PM. Jockeys and newsmen on duty, please be dressed to receive visitors and be sure your car is not parked in the station parking lot. Thank you.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, June 16, 1968 is "Love and Marriage" - a discussion of marriage counseling. This program was scheduled for last Sunday but due to the unusual news situation last week-end, a discussion on "Echoes of Violence" superseded the scheduled program.

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