Vol.2 No.23 June 5, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Although most of you now know, as a matter of record we insert here notice of the death of one of our long-time employees, Clarence Maples. Clarence passed away on Memorial Day. The funeral was delayed until today to permit the arrival from Laos of his son, Major Mitchell Maples, who is presently assigned to our embassy in that country. Major Maples is the recipient of many honors -- including a Presidential citation.

A visitor to the station was Bill Button, a former KeeNeR employee, on Tuesday, June 4, now on leave from Navy duty in Hawaii.

Announcement has been made to the staff that John Small, a former staff member of the station, will be returning on June 10 to do our 9 PM to 2 AM spot on FM.

We are sorry to report that Erik Smith will be leaving WKNR on June 15th. The television field has tempted Erik and he's going to be a street reporter for Channel 7.

Frank Maruca and Paul Cannon attended a meeting on Tuesday, June 4, of the Interfaith Broadcast Commission regarding the new Stan Freberg radio announcements. This was a meeting of radio and TV station personnel. During the next three weeks, we will be running these new Stan Freberg announcements as a public service.

Don't forget the Rotary Club's Antiques Show which starts tomorrow. conveniently for all of us. at the Dearborn Youth Center. To be successful, the show needs people in attendance. Consequently, Mr. Patterson says he's going to buy the rest of the tickets himself. and give 'em away to any of us who will visit the show. It's Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 in the afternoon.

Frank Maruca attended a meeting on Monday, June 3 of the Wayne out-County Planning and Coordinating Committee on Supportive Services in Civil Disorders. As an important part of the area's communications, WKNR has been a leader in contributing to the organization of these supportive services.

While at a stopover point on the way to Viet Nam, Wanda Jarvis's son Bernie was invited to lunch and dinner by a family of New Zealanders. She learned about his visit when she got a letter from the hosting family telling her about it.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, June 9, 1968 is "Love and Marriage" - a discussion of marriage counseling.

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