Vol.2 No.21 May 22, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

INSIDE KEENER is suddenly turning out to be a hospital and sickness report. J. Mike Wilson's daughter is now out of the hospital and doing nicely, but Dick Davis is now laid up with a bad back. Also, Don Wagner has waged a successful battle against the flu bug.

In a letter addressed to Mrs. Knorr dated May 17, the Woman's National Farm and Garden Association advised that WKNR has been awarded a "Citation for having made a contribution to the beautification and improvement of our community by creating and maintaining attractive premises."

Frank Maruca represented the station at the Annual Cooperative Training Banquet of Taylor Center High School and John F. Kennedy High School in Allen Park on Thursday, May 16. George Opra was master of ceremonies.

J. Mike Wilson appeared in Dearborn's Clean-Up Parade on Monday, May 20.
In the Bunnies-DJ Baseball Game. Final score: Bunnies 16 - DJs 2 - but the DJs said the Bunnies cheated. TV personality Pat Suzuki was part of the Bunny pack.

WKNR-FM changed its programming on Monday, May 20. We now have the first and foremost, truly authentic, progressive rock (underground) programming in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Jack Davidson's daughter Carol is a student at Michigan State University and during the period of May 16 to 18 she appeared in the cast of "The King and I," presented by the students.

Dick Buller MC'd the Fair Lane High School Band spring concert in the Ford Central Office Building auditorium on Friday, May 17. This was his 4th year in a row in this capacity.

Phil Nye was among several news directors who Judged the Texas entries in the Associated Press news awards competition on Saturday, May 18.

As part of his TV production class assignment at Wayne State, Ed Busch produced a TV show featuring Van Patrick and Howard Stitzel in a program of stories about baseball happenings over the years. The show will be telecast sometime in the future on Channel 56. Ed will let us know.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, May 26, 1968 is "A Solution to a Big Problem" - a new method to protect retail businesses from the growing problems of bad checks.

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