Vol.2 No.20 May 15,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

No sooner do we get one person out of the hospital than a crisis develops with another. Carole Wiedeman came thru her tests with flying colors and is back on the job, Monday afternoon Barbara Williams was called home because her daughter Lisa sprained her ankle while playing baseball, and also in the hospital since last Saturday is J. Mike Wilson's daughter Heidi with a bladder infection.

We herewith give our official KeeNeR welcome to our new gal in Traffic - Susan Goldsmith.

The baseball game between KeeNeR's DJs and the Playboy Bunnies, cancelled because of the bad weather last Saturday, has been rescheduled for this coming Saturday. Proceeds from the game go to aid in the fight against leukemia.

Paul Cannon made a personal appearance at the Littlefield Presbyterian Church on Sunday, May 12, one of a series of speakers, talking on modern music.

Gary Mitchell made another Career Day appearance, this time talking to students at Taylor Center High School on Wednesday, May 8.

The Doors Concert Saturday night, May 11, was very successful - close to a full house at Cobo Hall.

Mr. Patterson journeyed to Washington, D.C. last Wednesday, May 9, to attend the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Congressional Dinner.

As of this edition we have had seven winners in our Hi Lo Contest - Mrs. Stephanie Wrobel of Detroit won $3,893, Mrs. Betty Ashburn of Detroit won $1,901, Barbara Krichke of Detroit won $2,097, Kathy Zelek of Westland won $1,746, Betty Rushlow of Wyandotte won $2357 Mark Miller of Birmingham won $1917 and Patricia McCardy of Madison Heights won $1,268.

Hobby Department: Did you know that Alan Busch is a ham radio operator. since the age of l3?

Visitors to the station: Denise Apkarian of Melvindale High School, one of our KeeNeR correspondents, on Tuesday, May 14, with her sister Carol.

Don Wagner was informed today that he is now a member of the Dearborn Exchange Club and will now rub elbows every Monday noon with Mayor Hubbard.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, May 19, 1968 is "Cancer: Causes and Cures."

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