Vol.2 No.18 May 1, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

The contribution made by Phil Nye and his men at the Oak Park Youth Government Day Luncheon on April 2 apparently was pretty impressive as Oak Park's Mayor Joseph Forbes issued a "Proclamation of Appreciation to WKNR News Team" on April 24, 1968.

Is there anyone in the KeeNeR family who would like a cuddly, well-trained kitten,
six weeks old? If so, please see Mrs. Knorr.

If Jerry Martin appears to have a look of pride lately, it's with good reason. Jerry's son, Jerry, Jr., a senior at Allen Park High School and also a student at Henry Ford Community College, has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa and, along with 15 other seniors of Allen Park, will be so honored at the college on May 9.

Carole Wiedeman is undergoing tests and minor surgery this week at St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia.

Visitors to the station: Tuesday, April 30, 10 students from Huff Junior High School located in Lincoln Park in the morning and 9 more from the same school in the afternoon.

For those who might be interested in sending him a birthday card, Clarence Maples will be 75 years old on May 9.

Two of our people have been on trips since we last went to press. Mr. Patterson has been in Washington to attend the Chamber of Commerce Congressional Dinner, and Wanda Jarvis traveled to California over the weekend to be with her son for a few days before he departs for overseas military duty.

Our relief switchboard operator, Marie Renner, has turned an interesting hobby into a profitable one. she bakes wedding cakes - the "lO-story kind. II Some are so big they have to be assembled 'on location.'

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, May 5, 1968 is "The Ethics of Transplants," an interview with Dr. Christian Barnard, who performed the first successful heart transplant surgery.

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