Vol.2 No.17 Apr.24,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Apparently Jack Sitta was so excited over his hideaway home on Easter weekend that he tripped and sprained his hand.

Visitors to the station have included: 4 boys from the Boys' Club of Detroit, Wednesday, April 17: Sean Conrad's dad and brothers came to visit him from Rockford, Illinois and he brought them in to sae where he works on Friday, April 12: seven students from a communications class of Thurston High in Redford Township visited us Wednesday, April 10: ten students from the Electronics Institute of Technology were here Tuesday, April 16; and Mickey Lolich of the Detroit Tigers on Monday; April 22 (Wanda Jarvis will never be the same after meeting him. Ann Mitchell was in the office when Mickey was here.)

Don Wagner has torn himself away from his desk to visit his mom, and is vacationing this week in Illinois and Iowa.

We're sorry to report that our Sales secretary, Lil Vires, will be leaving us on May 7 to fulfill the urge to be a time buyer at Robert Solomon Associates. Her replacement will be Alice Williams.

The winner of our Thom McAn rock band contest is a group known as "The Cynch", 5 boys from the Grosse Isle, area.

Paul Cannon has made two personal appearances recently one was to talk to a group of young people on careers in radio at the First Methodist Church of Dearborn on Sunday, April 21; and Tuesday, April 23 he was a speaker at the annual Clean Up, Paint Up, Fix Up Kickoff Luncheon for the City of Dearborn.

Mrs. Knorr also appeared at the Kickoff Luncheon to accept the special citation given to WKNR in "recognition of your efforts and accomplishments during the past year toward helping to make Dearborn a more beautiful community."

Our "Time Machine" contest has delighted a number of our listeners. As of Tuesday night, 44 watches valued at $100 each had been won.

Mrs. Knorr attended a meeting Monday, April 22, the purpose of which was to organize an endeavor to raise funds for a statue of Henry Ford and his son Edsel which will be placed on the grounds of the new Henry Ford Centennial Memorial Library on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. WKNR, of course, will cooperate in publicizing the drive.

We express our sympathy to Don Niska whose mother passed away Tuesday afternoon.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, April 28, 1968 is "Nightmare in Detroit", featuring Van Sauter, former Detroit Free Press writer and author of an about-to-be-published book concerning the 43 persons killed during Detroit's civil disturbance of last year.

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