Vol. 2 No. 15 Apr. 10,1968 Grace Potts, Editor

The KeeNeR family now has another grandparent. Howard Stitzel's daughter has given him something more to shout about by presenting him with a seven pound granddaughter, Jennifer, on March 30.

Wildwood Lake at Wolverine, Michigan, Swiss chalet, man-made lake, big porch, a hideaway house, good fishing.

Does this make you green with envy? Well, then, ask Jack Sitta if you can go along with him and his family when they spend the Easter weekend in this setting. This briefly describes the new home nearly completed by them. Perhaps some time after July there may be a housewarming blast and we'll all be invited:

Little known facts about our KeeNeRites. did you know Bob Harper is reported to be a pretty good cartoonist? If we run short of items for the paper, we may use his talents instead of recipes. anybody who has seen his cartoons can advise your editor whether or not they are better than our recipes. Also, is it true that Gary Mitchell is a professional singer? While some of our gang talk about pets like dogs, cats and hamsters, Jerry Taylor can go all of you one better - he has a horse.

Our News Department personnel have been active in public appearances. Tuesday, April 2, Phil Nye, Erik Smith and Mike O'Neill made a "team" appearance at the Youth Government Day luncheon in Oak Park: Thursday, April 4, Phil was the speaker at the weekly Civitan service club meeting in Dearborn: and, also, at the "Hour of Excellence" at the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, Sunday, March 24.


PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, April 14, 1968 is "Keeping Cool: The Lessons We've Learned." - the whys and wheres of Detroit avoiding violence this past week. Last week's scheduled program was replaced by "Martin Luther King: An American" - a memorial to Dr. King.

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