Vol.2 No. 13 Mar.27, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Another newsman makes the headlines this week as Erik Smith excitedly announces the arrival of Sara Louise, his brand new 8 pound, 2 ounce daughter on Monday; March 25~ Congratulations from the KeeNeR Gang.

George Opra is getting a little announcing experience at Taylor Center High School where he is a student.

He and another student have taken over the chore of morning and afternoon public address announcements which were previously handled by the assistant principal.

Three of our DJ's - J. Mike Wilson, Bob Harper and Sean Conrad - will be appearing at the J. L. Hudson Company Saturday, March 30, in connection with their "Action Age - Seventeen Day." This is an all day event and will involve a fashion show, rock bands and displays of specialized cars, and the teens will also be given a chance to express their candidate preference in a special "Teen Presidential Primary."

Visitors to the station: Steve Way, Program Director of our Jackson station on Wednesday, March 20; and Bob Bartlett, a student at Eastern Michigan University, who came in to interview Mr. Patterson and other station personnel on Tuesday, March 19, in connection with a college paper he has to compile as part of his broadcast management course.

To date we have received requests for additional copies of our news album from 39 schools and have sent out over 250 of them.

A KeeNeR friendly hand of welcome to our new DJ's - Alan Bush, our present FM fella, who comes to us from WTTO, Toledo and before that, CKLW. Alan is also currently a student of mass communications at Wayne state University; and Jerry Taylor, from WAIR, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who will be joining us April 1st.

Phil Nye reluctantly submits the following news item. (After all, this is three times his name has appeared in a one-month period). Bill Bellinger, who was Phil's choice as winner of the Forensic Contest held March 15, went on to the state competition in Battle Creek and won a trophy for Dearborn High Saturday night, March 16.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, March 31, will be "A Summer Forecast." Rev. Albert Cleage, Jr. speaking for militant Negroes and Rev. Robert Potts for Moderates; a discussion of the outlook for Detroit this summer~ a one hour special program.

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