Vol.2 No.10 March 6, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Another very successful KeeNeR promotion took place last Friday and Phil Nye can never again say he's been forgotten. In fact, with a lump in his throat and tears of gratitude streaming down his face, he sends this thank-you note:

"Due to the overwhelming response to the "Want ad" placed in your weekly sheet, I have decided it is in the best interests of myself, my party and my loyal supporters to withdraw from the annual birthday card race. This decision was made after a short-light look and I announce it with no regret. Your response has been gratifying and I thank you. Moments like these are to be cherished forever. But someone once said, "Beware the Ides of March" and other things --so I must urgently request that the first of March no longer be considered a KeeNeR holiday and henceforth instead of your tributes, please donate to my favorite charity, namely, "The Don Wagner Diet Pill Fund."

Paul Cannon was a Judge last Saturday night, March 2 to choose a girl to be the Maid of Erin, who will represent the Gaelic League in the St. Patrick's Day parade. There were 12 contestants and a student from Madonna College was the winner. This is Paul's second year as a Judge. Paul also gave a talk on radio operation Tuesday, March 5 in Pleasant Ridge to members of Rotary Anns, the women's division of Rotary, International.

Anniversary dates for KeeNeRites in March: Don Oswalt, who started with us March 10, 1947: Jack Davidson, who was first hired in 1951, left us in 1952, and was rehired March 15, 1955: and Eleanore Krupp, March 17, 1954.

A visitor to the station last Wednesday, February 28, was Don Schuster, a 10th grade student from Harper Woods. Mr. Patterson was so absorbed with this youngster and his knowledge of radio that he was late for an appointment.

Jerry Goodwin and his wife have enrolled in classes being conducted at Wayne State University on the Study of Human Behavior Patterns for sensitivity training. This is a program which was started 11 years ago by Dow Chemical in the interest of helping people with problems, trying to understand why people do things they do, etc. Jerry and his wife are now trainers in this work. Jerry, Why does Harry Walker do the things he does?

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, March 10, 1968 is "Garbage - a By-Product of Affluence."

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