Vol.2 No.9 Feb.28, l968 Grace Potts, Editor

Jerry Martin's interest in scouting continues and last Saturday he was with approximately 400 scouts and their parents when they attended Space Explorama which was held at the Chrysler Training Center in Center Line, Michigan. The program's purpose was to inform everyone about astronaut training, lunar surface experiments, reentry vehicles, astronomy, etc. in connection with our space program. The opening address was made by Astronaut Alfred M. Worden. Following this, a trip was made to Selfridge Air Base for a tour of the base and its operations.

KeeNeRites might be interested in knowing that Big V is now a disk jockey at WITL in Lansing.

In the personnel department, we welcome Ron Copeland who is our new FM OJ. His air name will be Sean Conrad. Newsman Doug Fenlock left us yesterday. He's going into industry - the computer division of General Electric.

Two words best describe the appearance last Saturday of the Jimi Hendrix Experience group at Masonic Temple - "most unusual." Part of their act involves the demolition of their equipment and after an hour and a half delay because part of the equipment did not operate to their satisfaction, they were really in the mood for a forceful smashup. The standing room only crowd loved it.

We had two scout tours of the station this past week - Wednesday, February 21 we entertained 6 scouts from Pack 1122, Den 3 of Mt. Olivet School in Dearborn, and on Tuesday, February 27 it was 8 cub scouts from Pack 1152 of Dearborn Heights.

While it isn't yet a hobby (money being the big problem), Don Niska has a big interest in model trains and some day hopes to build a complete outfit. he says it's something he hopes his son will be interested in: Oh, yeah. Maybe you better talk to Scott Regen about trains, Don. We understand it's quite a hobby of his.

Friday, March 1, is Phil Nye's birthday. He says he will not sign any more birthday cards for others because nobody ever remembers him, so will you all please say Happy Birthday to him on that day. we can't stand the looks of all those ruffled feathers!

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, March 3, 1968 is "Man on the Move - Roy Chapin, Jr."

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