Vol.2 No. 8, Feb.21, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

A big KeeNeR "Hello" to our two new air personalities: Ken Moriarity, in the News department, and Ron Morgan, our new DJ, henceforth to be known as Ron Sherwood.

Oak Park's 8th annual ice show will be held Saturday, February 24, and Ron Greenberg will be acting as master of ceremonies. The rink is located on Oak Park Boulevard, a half block west of Coolidge. It's a 10-act program featuring a hockey game as well as a variety of skating acts performed by skaters of all ages..

On Sunday, February 25, at 2:00 o'clock several local DJ's will be playing against local sportscasters and sports writers in a benefit hockey game at Olympia before the annual Red Wing Old Timers Game. Representatives from KeeNer will be Dick Purtan, acting as captain, and Paul Cannon and Bob Harper.

Visitors to the station: Tuesday; February 20; 8 scouts from Dearborn Pack 1122, Den 6.

In the hobby department. Barbara Collins has made several dresses, and Barbara Williams is a "devotee of the dance" and recently has been trying to improve her pirouettes.

Dave Forster is taking off shortly for a brief vacation, heading for Traverse City and the ski slopes in the area.

Dick Purtan will be leaving us, February 28. He has accepted a position with Station WBAL in Baltimore. Watch those ad libs, Dick. You may raise the eyebrows of some of those Easterners. Good Luck from the KeeNeR Gang.

WKNR is presenting the Jimi Hendrix Experience along with The Soft Machine this Saturday evening at Masonic Auditorium. The only promotion for this show has been done on KeeNeR and tickets have been sold out for over a week. (Frank Maruca says, "Don't bug me for tickets!")

Since this is a very cold day, how about a "'Think Summer" recipe!

Mix burgundy wine with Squirt and serve on the rocks. It's delicious. an exclusive from the KeeNeR Kitchens!

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, February 25 is "The Development of Children -- Why the Disparity.

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