Vol.2 No.6 Feb.7, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

For those who didn't see it on the bulletin board.. Mrs. Knorr received a letter from the City Beautiful Commission of Dearborn dated January 30 congratulating us on our building and landscaping and our efforts to make it one of the nicer properties in the area.

Visitors to the station: Pack #586, Den 5, 8 Cub Scouts from Detroit, on Wednesday, January 31; and 4 musical groups - the Tidal Waves, the Rationals, the Unrelated Segments and the Amboy Dukes, Feb. 6.

Anniversaries being celebrated in February by KeeNeR personnel include Jerry Goodwin, 4 years on February 1; Phil Nye, 4 years on February 8; Barbara Collins, 3 years on February 15.

"KeeNeR Sun" winner for this week's contest is Ernest Wilson of Melvindale and his trip will be to Miami Beach..

Personal appearance by our personnel: Pat Kelly of our News Department talked to an 11th grade speech class at Clarenceville High School on Tuesday morning, February 6 about radio news.

We're sorry to report that we will be losing one of our newsmen on February 9. John Maher has accepted a position on the news team of WABC in New York. His replacement, in two weeks, will be Ken Moriarity currently News Director of WITL, Lansing. Good luck, John.

Mr. Patterson had a wonderful time on vacation in Puerto Rico and has slides to prove it. He would like to share them in a presentation on Friday at 12: 00. All who would like to see them.. be there.. in the conference room. (Note: Mr. Patterson wishes me to make it clear that your job is in jeopardy if you are not in the audience!)

Since the start of our Money Matchbooks contest, Cunningham Drug Stores have distributed more than two million matchbooks and the station has given away more than $4600 to 21 winners.

The dog lovers in our midst might like to know that Dick Purtan is now the owner of a schnauzer and he's named it Piper.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, February 11 is "A Child Again," featuring a young Michigan girl now in the hippie community of New York.

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