Vol.2 No.5 Jan.31, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Your editor wishes to thank Jerry Goodwin for his contribution this week. He wants everyone to know he's celebrating his 4th anniversary with KeeNeR on February 1st. While this isn't a world shattering announcement, he felt it would be better than another Chip Dip recipe:

Other anniversaries in January: Lil Vires, 2 years on January 3: Barbara Williams, 1 year on January 17: Dick Buller, 21 years on January 23: and Dave Forster, 1 year on January 29.

Bob Harper has ventured into the world of contact lenses but so far it hasn't been as pleasant as he had hoped it would be as it has resulted in a few days off trying to adjust to them.

Visitors to the Station: 37 Girl Scouts from Troop 380 of Dearborn on Wednesday, January 24; 4 girls from a communications class at Fuhrman School on Tuesday, January 30; Troop 586, 10 Cub Scouts from McCall School, Detroit, and Pack 1152, Den 5, 6 Cub Scouts from Dearborn Heights, both groups on Tuesday, January 30.

Gals, if your marriage seems a little dull these days and you want to stir things up, follow the suggestion in the TVĚ commercials, as Barbara Collins did Tuesday, and send your husband a dozen sweetheart roses - at work! All the fellas in the shop will adore them, too:

This week. 13 winners in the "KeeNeR Sun" contest are Mr. and Mrs. Krafton Locke of Taylor, Who will be vacationing in Puerto Rico. Already, over 14,000 entries have been received since the contest started.

Mary Desentz now has the distinction of being KeeNeR's youngest grandmother when her daughter-in-law gave birth to a son on January 23. Congratulations! (We're all given fair warning, however. do not call her Granny).

Paul Cannon is now on the Board of Directors of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Greater Detroit and Southeastern Michigan when he was elected 1st Vice President last Thursday. Paul has been involved in Muscular Dystrophy work since 1959.

Dick Purtan made a personal appearance January 22 at the opening of the Trade Fair for Junior Achievement in the Downriver area.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, February 4 is "Hemisphair - '68," an international exhibition to be held in San Antonio, Texas.

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