Vol.2 No.4 Jan.24, l968 Grace Potts, Editor

If there is anyone who has any doubt about the interest in our promotions or contests and the enthusiasm with which our listeners enter them, he should have been in attendance at the Autorama Show this past weekend when Dick Purtan was a Judge in the mini-skirt competition. One contestant was so sure she would win that when her name was announced, she proceeded to liven things up a little and, with the help of her brothers, created quite a bash of her own. A few people wound up with sore heads.

Apparently Mr. Huse couldn't stand to see his Gal Friday's name in print as a visitor to the station so he came to see us Tuesday, January 23. Other visitors were Sam Nover, a former DJ with our Jackson station and now connected with Channel 50 here in Detroit. Also because this is Communications Month for scouts, we have been visited by several packs, including Troop 1147, Den 2 of Howard School, Dearborn on Wednesday, January 17; 6 boys from Cub Scout Pack 1123 of Dearborn on Monday, January 22; and 10 Cub Scouts from Pack 803 from Taylor on Tuesday, January 23.

We have two new employees but unless you work nights or Saturdays, you won't see them. You can talk to them, however, as George Opra is our new switchboard operator in the evenings, and Jeanette Holmes (she prefers to be called Jean) operates the board Saturday mornings. Welcome to the group!

Dick Buller is heading for warmer climes next week. He'll be vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for one week.

Recipe for California Chip Dip:

Mix commercial sour cream with Lipton's Onion Soup Mix to your individual taste. Chill and serve.
(Well, we warned you this Would happen if you didn't tell me what you were doing!)

After great effort and stick-to-itiveness on the part of our gang, 3300 copies of the WKNR News Album were mailed last week and already we have received several thank-you letters, including two from Detroit Councilmen Ed Carey and Philip Van Antwerp.

This week's "KeeNeR Sun" winner is Shirley Barnard of Rochester and her trip will be to Jamaica.

Don't forget the Bill Cosby Show coming to Cobo Hall Friday night, January 26.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, January 29 is "Abortion and the Law."

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