Vol.2 No.3 Jan.17, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor
The miserable weather we have been experiencing since this past weekend makes most of us want to get away from it all. and Mr. Patterson has done it. He and Mrs. Patterson and their good friends, the Harry Millers, are in Puerto Rico where they will be vacationing for two weeks. (Note: This doesn't mean anybody should try to get away with anything. Mrs. Knorr is still here!)

KeeNeR's "Fly Me To The Sunil contest is making it possible for some listeners to enjoy a week in the sun. For the first two weeks we have had over 6000 entries. Our first two weeks' winners were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drag of Southfield and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hughes of Detroit.

Visitors to the station: January 9, Pack 1140, Den 2 Scouts consisting of 8 boys from Dearborn Edison School: 14 boys of Cub Scout Pack 1116 of Dearborn were here January 15: Girl Scout Troop 386 of Dearborn, 20 girls visited us January 16: and Mary Blair, Mr. Huse's Gal Friday, took a day of vacation and visited us January 16.

Dick Purtan has the distinction of being the first injury victim of the year. While trying to light a cigarette last Saturday, he failed to heed those four words on the back of the pack of book matches, and the whole pack flared up, giving him a nasty burn on the finger.

Through an arrangement made by Harry Walker, all employees of WKNR may have their cars washed at Ed's Auto Wash, 13061 Michigan, (a little west of the new Elias Bros. restaurant) for $1.00 per Car - Monday thru Thursday only. Contact Lil for an identification card to show to the cashier.

Jack Davidson's daughter Mary Kay underwent a tonsillectomy Monday - and Jack is recovering nicely.

Paul Cannon was invited to speak January 16 to an English class at Bentley High School in Livonia. A question and answer session followed the talk..

In the coming weeks KeeNeR will be sponsoring a number of shows which you might be interested in attending.. Bill Cosby is coming to Cobo Hall Friday, January 26, Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Soft Machine (where do they get those names!) will be at Masonic Auditorium Friday, February 23, and January 19, 20 and 21 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Dick Purtan will be judging the Mini Skirt Contests at Autorama in Cobo Hall. Can you imagine the ad libs that will develop.. that is, if he can stop staring long enough to say something!

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, January 21 will be George Romney - Political Biography. This was scheduled for last week but superseded by a discussion with two Free Press reporters on the current newspaper strike.

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