Vol.2 No.2, Jan.10, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

The day after the statement was made in one of the interim newspapers, the Detroit Daily Press on January 2, that WKNR sends tapes of its programming free of charge to servicemen overseas; We received 50 mailed-in requests. As of January 9, the requests total 127. One of the nicest thank-you letters we received is the one that follows from Mr. & Mrs. Martin Stamp of Dearborn Heights!

"On Thanksgiving Day WKNR broadcast a message from our son Craig in Vietnam. A short time later we received the tape in the mail.

"We wish to thank you and WKNR for this most wonderful thing that you have done. On the night of the broadcast we were gathered with our friends and relatives and the joy you brought to all of us was heart warming" The sound of Craig's voice brought tears to our eyes.

"Thank you again for all you have done and may God bless you and the fine work you are doing."

Steve Robbins has been patiently waiting for his column to appear in one of the interim papers. He has been pre-empted for several weeks by paid ads on the entertainment page. He finally made it, however, on Sunday, January 7 in the Daily Press.

We thought it might be of interest to let you know how long some of the KeeNeRites have been with us so here's a brief listing of those with 10 or more years of service:

Dick Buller, hired January, 1947; Don Oswalt, hired March, 1947; Jack Davidson, originally hired 1951, left us for a while, rehired 1955; Eleanor Krupp, hired March, 1954; Dave Sarkesian, hired April, 1953; Mr. Patterson, hired April, 1947; Bill Hauke, hired May, 1951; Jack Sitta, hired August, 1952; Mary Desentz, hired August, 1953; Don Wagner, hired September, 1953; Russ Betz, hired October, 1949; Helen Reakes, hired November, 1953; Jerry Martin, hired December, 1946; Ann Mitchell, hired May, 1957; Mary Keem, hired November, 1955.

If anybody's interested, Dick Purtan was hired May, 1965.

In connection with the sale of the Keenergold album, several of our D\Js will be making personal appearances this Saturday I January 13. Scott Regen will be at Ross Music, and J. Mike Wilson, Bob Harper, Steve Robbins and Dave Forster will be appearing at five different Arlan's stores.

PROJECT DETROIT: Subject for Sunday, January 14 is "George Romney - Political Biography."

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