Vol.2, No.1, Jan 3, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor
How's your head? If you've been able to read this much without all the letters running together, you're in pretty good shape!

A couple of our people ended the old year in a little less than tip-top condition. Don Niska mashed his finger Tuesday night, December 26, when he attempted to speed up the operation of a bilge pump by sticking his finger into the pulley. Jerry Goodwin fell on his head and the doctor suggested a stay at home of a couple of days, plus X-rays to determine any possible future difficulties..

Visitors to the station: Reverend Beech of the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, with Mrs. Beech and their six children - Tuesday, December 26.

To say that the KeeNeR DJ - Harlem Globetrotrotters basketball exhibition was a success is the understatement of the year. Attendance for the Globetrotters' appearances in the past has averaged around 10,000. Last Saturday Olympia was filled to overflowing. All seats and standing room on the main floor and the balcony were sold; bringing the total to 14,500. and because of the newspaper strike, the only publicity for the game was on WKNR. Big V was in the act again - a rather large symbol of the New Year dressed in white tights and wearing a baby blue diaper and a ribbon across his chest. He proved to be quite a challenge to the Globetrotters when they hoisted him up to the basket to retrieve a ball that had become lodged between the basket and the backboard. and it was a little less than funny to him when they left him hanging from the supporting pipes for a short time..

As part of his scouting activity, Jerry Martin will be attending the annual weekend campout of the Downriver District Explorer Scouts being held this coming Saturday and Sunday at the D.o A Scout Ranch at Metamora. He is on the food committee so his presence is definitely required!

PROJECT DETROIT for Sunday, January 7, will be a Review of Happenings in 1967, a special program lasting 45 minutes.. Following this, there will be a 15 minute economic forecast for 1968 discussed, on both AM and FM, with George Miller, President of the Bank of the Commonwealth.

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