Vol. 1 No. 6, Dec. 13, 1967. Grace Potts, Editor

We have a brand new father in our midst as of Monday, December 11. Bob and Sandi Green now have a son, Brian Lewis (a whopper, we might add, bouncing the scales at 8 pounds). Congratulations from the KeeNeR gang.

Mr. Patterson was honored Monday evening, December 11, at the Dearborn Inn by Dr. G. Oberdan Rizzo, Poet Laureate of Italy, who resides in Dearborn. Mr. Patterson was the recipient of the Golden Laurel Academic Award of the Free World International Academy. It was presented to him by Dr. Rizzo for "his statesmanship, his dedication, his sense of duty, and his example of ethical and moral principles." From now on, please note, he shall also be known as Your Excellency (legally) as well as the Silver Fox: Congratulations, Mr. Pat.

This is just a thought but some of you might want to follow through on it. we at KeeNeR of greater seniority used to remember Clarence Maples at Christmastime with a collection o. Since he's no longer working with us, you might like to send him a card to let him know we still think of him. I know he'd be pleased to hear from you. His address is 6662 Diversey, Detroit 48210.

Don't forget the station Christmas Party this coming Sunday at the Dearborn Inn. 2:30 is the time.

Beginning this Sunday, December 17, a new column will be appearing weekly in the Detroit Daily Press. Another DJ will hit the word trail when Steve Robbins tries his hand at it. No one knows how long these interim papers will be around but it looks like Steve is going to try to increase the circulation of one, anyway.

Scott Regen was in Las Vegas last weekend attending the Bill Gavin Radio Conference. He was one of six DJ's picked in voting competition by disc jockeys, record distributors and record manufacturers in various categories from allover the country and from these six, one would be chosen as top DJ. Among these six was a former KeeNeR Kid, now in New York, Gary Stevens.

Scott has also been given the honor of writing the liner notes (description of selections on the reverse side of an album) for the newest Stevie Wonder album.

Last Friday, Traffic Judges Maher, Wood and Kirwin were here to record, for the second year in a row, announcements for the holiday drivers. "Are You Sober Enough To Drive" has been the slogan for this campaign, conducted in conjunction with the Traffic Safety Association. Copies of these messages are sent to all Detroit area radio stations.

Volume 4 of WKNR's Oldies But Goodies album series will be out next Tuesday. This year the album is called KeeNeR Gold and will feature 20 selections. Sales are expected to be about 30,000, with all proceeds going to Muscular Dystrophy. This album, and the First Presbyterian Church album of Christmas music, Would make fine gifts and help worthy causes.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, Dec. 17 will be "Toc1ay's Universities and Today's Students."

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