Vol. 1 No.5 Dec.6, 1967 Grace Potts, Editor

"White Knuckles" Davidson (a nickname acquired when observers have noticed his death-like grip on all airplane seats), was pleased with the reception he received at Ferris State College. Arriving there by car was a very harrowing experience when last Saturday's highways were covered with ice and made driving very treacherous: In addition, somebody pulled the plug on the slide projector (he was using our great station slide presentation as part of his talk) and he almost had a heart seizure until he discovered somebody just wanted to use the outlet to make some coffee. Was somebody trying to tell him something? Seriously, Jack, congratulations on being initiated into the Alpha Delta Sigma advertising fraternity.

Our new Traffic Director is Wanda Jarvis. Congratulations, Wanda! Her new assistant is Kathleen Bell. Welcome, Kathy!

If you're looking for something really good in Christmas music albums this year, consider, please, the one released this year by the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn. It's not one of the run-of-the-mill issues with Silent Night and Away in the Manger but rather contains excellent and different selections by the choir and two sensational organ renditions. The cost is little ($3.00 - no tax!) and Mr. Patterson would be delighted to personally handle the sale.

Speaking of albums, WKNR has supplied about 700 of its News Album to Detroit area high school journalism classes. These have been requested by teachers and principals of these schools.

A tour of the station was made on November 29 by 30 speech class students from Kettering High School at Waterford.

KeeNeR employees are becoming world travelers. Jack and Eleanor Davidson recently returned from a vacation in Mexico, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sitta are presently touring Hawaii with the John Carrolls, formerly with this station.

Personal appearances by our DJ's included one by Dick Purtan who participated in a panel discussion at Cranbrook School Tuesday night, November 28. Dave Forster will be speaking at Central High School Thursday, December 7 - Career Day.

Your editor is running short of items to fill these pages because you are not all reporting what you're doing (Which I can print, of course:) If you don't give me more reports, I'm going to fill the sheet with cookie recipes or how to embroider a doily. So it's up to you!

Newsman Erik Smith spent 18 hours in covering the story of the Stanford Street man who held his family hostage Monday night and Tuesday morning. To hear the whole story, listen to…

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, December 10 will be "Siege on Stanford Street."

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