Vol. 1, No 3, Nov. 22, 1967 Grace Potts, Editor

To set the record straight, INSIDE KEENER, is not one of the interim newspapers being published because of the daily paper strike. We've been in business for three weeks now but if the demand becomes great, We may expand to two sheets and take ads.

Bob Harper's wedding plans in Floydsburg, Ky. went slightly awry when, first, he forgot the marriage license and Mickey Patrick, one of the guests, had to go all the way back to Louisville to pick it up and missed the ceremony. Jerry Goodwin was best man. others missed the church entirely because they hardly expected it to be that "quaint little church" near a cemetery and when they discovered "dis was de place," they had arrived in time to greet the newlyweds as they were leaving the church.

Visitors to the station last week included Al Kaline of the Detroit Tigers (Thursday, Nov. 16) and two of the Beach Boys, Mike Love and Dick Duryea. Mike was a guest DJ on Bob Green's show on Friday, Nov. 17 for a brief time.

Ted Clark made a personal speaking appearance Nov. 17 at Southfield High School, addressing the 11th grade speech class for about an hour on broadcasting.

Jerry Martin is going back to school again - for a little while at least - when he attends an Engineering-Management seminar at Purdue University December 4 through 8.
Eleanor Krupp was in Winnipeg, Canada last week visiting her mother who has been ill for some time.

Big V was in an auto accident over the weekend and will probably be out of the station for about a week. Imagine -- fracturing a couple of ribs -- with all that padding!
Dick Purtan led the Hamtramck Christmas Parade Saturday, November 18. Even though it was a nasty day, which cut down on the attendance, he considered it very successful because no eggs were thrown at him.

Carole Wiedeman, while unhappy at the prospect of her son Jim enlisting in the armed forces, was a very proud mother when she received the news from him last Tuesday at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, where he is now stationed, that he had won the honor competition for his class of 8800 men. For this outstanding achievement, his Commanding Officer presented him with a medal, $10.00, and a date with a specially selected WAF.

Many requests for tapes of our programming are received from servicemen overseas. We are happy to comply with these requests for building their morale while away from home, and their thank-you letters to us are extremely rewarding.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING - and don't eat too many rum flavored turkey legs.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, Nov. 26, is Holiday Driving and Implied Consent.

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