Vol. l No.2 Nov.15, 1967 Grace Potts, Editor

Because of the overwhelming and enthusiastic response (!) to last week's issue of INSIDE KEENER, your editor, to quote a Dick Purtanism; is "humble and quietly proud!" For this reason, we've decided to publish again this week.

It is not our intention to rush the season, but we want to give you advance notice that our station Christmas Party will again be held at the Dearborn Inn, Sunday, December 17. Please red circle this date on your calendar. More information is forthcoming.

In addition to their duties here at the station, many of our personnel make personal appearances (other than record hops). For instance, Bob Green spoke on November 3 and again on the 5th to youth groups at Dearborn High and Beth Aron Synagogue on Careers in Broadcasting.

Also, as a part of the Marine Corps recruiting and their efforts to create greater interest in their branch of the armed forces through the various media, Frank Maruca was asked to represent the radio segment and participated in a public affairs clinic held Wednesday, November 8 at the Detroit Press Club.

Not to be outdone by Jerry Goodwin, who has been named National Teenage Chairman for ALSAC (the Danny Thomas drive for children stricken with leukemia), Scott Regen has recently been named National Disc Jockey Chairman for the "Breath of Life Campaign." This seeks funds for the Denver hospital for research in the cure of asthma afflicted children.

Diane Christie, secretary at Michigan Spot Sales, just celebrated her 19th birthday. Yes, (for those of you who didn't know), Diane is our Doug Christie's sister. (I guess Pop has done a pretty good job of convincing the kids that radio is a good business!)

A public service announcement for the Dearborn Kiwanis Club sale of fruit cakes last week November 8 brought such tremendous response from Detroit residents that Kiwanians couldn't handle the delivery of all of them and we had to ask that the listeners pick them up at the station.

Effective on November 1st, a new building maintenance company took over the cleaning duties for our offices. If you have any complaints, please report them to this office.
Project Detroit subjects are sometimes hard to come by so if there is anything of particular interest you'd like the News Department to dig into and report on, please let them know.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday night, November 19 is "Sweet Land of Liberty - Patriotism 1967."

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