Vol. 1 No.1 Nov.8, 1967 Grace Potts, Editor

Here it is. just what you've been eagerly champing at the bit to read. All complaints will be duly noted and ignored. If the items are not interesting or informative then you probably haven't told me what you've been doing! Now to the business at hand for this week:

Paul Cannon became a father for the 5th time October 28 when good wife Gloria hurriedly presented him with his 4th daughter, Julie, at Providence Hospital - 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20.2" tall.

Bob Neal left our News Department on November 3 to become News Director at WQXI, Atlanta, Ga., joining another departee Jim Jeffries. Bob's replacement, arriving here November 11, will be Pat Kelly of WCAR.

A new face in our offices, but seen only on weekends, is part-timer Larry Baker.
Another new face will be appearing before long when Norma MacDermid leaves us for greener pastures in Washington, D.C. After being with us two years, she will occupy a position with the C.I.A. Heavens, has KeeNeR spawned another Mata Hari? Her place will be taken on November 13 by Wanda Jarvis who comes to us from the Traffic Department of WJR.

Oje Chokreff has been retained by WCHB as a consultant to reorganize their traffic-continuity department (with Management's approval) - for money, of course. Just another example of public service from WKNR.

The Mr. Gorey Halloween promotion was very successful with Big V. He went to Greenfield and Grand River and there were 400 kids waiting for him. Similar conditions were encountered in Livonia and Royal Oak. 125 Oldies But Goodies albums were given away.

Visitors to the Station Mr. Chuck Buchanan and his two children. This visit was of as much interest to Mr. Buchanan as to the kids because he is building a campus radio station for Henry Ford Community College and Jerry Martin and Frank Maruca are assisting in the work in a consultant capacity.

Our FM DJ Bob Harper is getting married November 11 to Karen Hurley of Cincinnati. Best wishes from the KeeNer gang.

Saturday, Oct. 28, Jerry Martin assisted in the Explorer Scouts Road Rally sponsored by the Lincoln-Mercury Division. of Ford Motor Company and the Sports Car Club of America. This was a five hour course starting at the Glass House, traveling 100 miles and ending at the Henry Ford Community College with dinner. Entrants were Explorer Scouts only, 97 cars with 3 in each car - driver, observer and navigator. The purpose was to test their ability to read road maps, follow instructions to the letter, and driving skills.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, Nov.12 is German Shepherd Dogs trained by the Army as fighters in Viet Nam.

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