• Keener Remembers The Twenty Nine

    By The Keener Staff “The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee..” Nearly every member of the Keener Generation can vividly recall the opening of Gordon Lightfoot’s most successful recording, a cautionary tale about the awesome power of Mother Nature and the fate that befell the 29 men […]

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    Nov 10th, 2015 | Filed under Bob Berry, Keener
  • Detroit voice on display

    6 icons of the airwaves are on display at the Detroit Historical Museum, including WKNR alum Dick Purtan. DP is honored, along with Bob Allison, Sonny Eliot, Ernie Harwell, JP McCarthy and Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg in a display of sight and sound entitled “Detroits Classic Radio Voices”. Here’s more from Susan Whitall at […]

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    Mar 8th, 2008 | Filed under Keener
  • Keener Featured again on XM

    I can’t confirm the count, but it seems to us that WKNR has been one of the most popular topics of Terry Young’s Sonic Sound Salute over at XM Radio’s 60s on 6. Terry’s back on the case on Friday, February 22nd, from 4-9PM Eastern time. You’ll hear airchecks from the Bob Green collection along […]

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    Feb 21st, 2008 | Filed under Keener
  • The “Motown Candidate”

    When the Republicans were in Michigan ahead of the primary election, one candidate gushed about an underground Motown legend. It turns out that Mike Huckabee is a huge James Jamerson fan.’s Susan Whitall blogs about it.

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    Jan 21st, 2008 | Filed under Keener
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