• Don’t sell your LPs

    By Scott Westerman – Curator – My first 45: Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker. My first LP: Shut Down Vol II by the Beach Boys. LPs who’s grooves I wore out with repeated play: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Earth, Wind & Fire. The number of LPs and 45s in […]

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  • WKNR and the “death” of Paul McCartney

    On October 12, 1969, Keener killed Paul McCartney. Russ Gibb, working on WKNR-FM heard from an Eastern Michigan University student about a series of clues that seemed to point to Paul’s death. The story took on a life of its own, both on Keener and WKNR-FM and Russ received credit for elevating the tale to […]

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  • The Real 5th Beatle Passes

    Murray the K often got the moniker, but it was a former accountant turned road manager that truely became?”the 5th Beatle”. Niel Aspinall, who died on March 23rd, pre-dated Ringo in his relationship with the band became one of the Beatles’ most powerful behind the scenes forces. He is credited with collating?the celebrity pictures for […]

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  • Beatle Bootleg Stirs Lawsuit

    A 1962 recording, purported to be the first of the fab four with Ringo at the drums, has the Beatles at odds with a Miami record company.

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  • Remembering Hurricane Smith

    He was a one hit wonder as a singer in 1973, but Norm “Hurricane” Smith had a subtle but powerful influence on the Keener sound as the guy who turned the dials for 180 Beatle recordings. As an engineer at EMI, he worked closely with George Martin to create the unique sound that launched Liverpool […]

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  • Its about The Brand

    Beyond the haircuts, one of the distinctive visuals associated with the Beatles is the logo that adorned Ringo’s Ludwig drum kit. Brian Epstein was an early believer in the holistic approach to rock n roll branding. The hair, the suits, the boots, the guitars, the drums and the logo all contributed to the total Beatle […]

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  • Susan Whitall: “Layla” writes her memoirs

    Pattie Boyd, the woman every hardcore Beatle fan knows as the British model who married George Harrison, leaving him for Eric Clapton, is releasing a juicy autobiography. What was her connection to the film “Hard Day’s Night”? Was Pattie the cause of Clapton’s heroin addiction? Is she the woman Harrison was thinking about when he […]

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  • Beatle B-Sides

    By Scott Westerman – Keener13.comAfter reading John Colapinto’s fascinating New Yorker article, When I’m 64, Paul? McCartney Then and Now, I was inspired to look over my Beatle 45 collection to see what tunes were on the flip sides of their American singles during the Keener era. 1963: I Saw Her Standing There?- 1964: You […]

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  • WKNR’s Sgt. Pepper Connection

    To paraphrase the Cannon, “It was 40 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper blew the world away..” On June 2, 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released in the United States. The collection ranks as number 1 on the Rolling Stone list of all-time great albums. It’s spawned a thousand imitators up to and […]

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  • McCartney Talks about his new label and the Beatles on ITunes

    Susan Whitall blogs about Sir Paul’s switch from Capitol to Starbucks. According to Billboard, the King B is looking for “the old excitement”. The new one, Memory Almost Full is due out June 5th. A tour is on the drawing board but won’t be the full blown article due to his “well publicized personal issues.” […]

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