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By Eileen Trombley Glick
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Harry Jarkey, a Detroit TV personality and nightclub entertainer in the late ’50s and ’60s, was best known for a morning variety program called Our Friend Harry, which ran from 1957-59, as well as The Fun Club, a children’s show with Soupy Sales. He continued his career at places like The Roostertail and Bay City’s Wenona Beach Amusement Park’s casino, where he worked for 30 years, until his retirement at age 75. He moved to southern California in the ’70s to live near another former Detroiter and friend, Danny Thomas.

Ed Golick, webmaster of has put together a Happy Birthday Harry Jarkey! email campaign. If you remember Harry, please take a minute to send an email (include your memories of him if you’d like) to And even if you don’t remember him, send an email anyway! After all, how often does one of Detroit’s former celebrity icons turn 96?! Ed, who will gather the emails and send them on to Harry, tells me that he’s really a great guy and will be elated with all of the attention. (But then, have you ever known a performer who wasn’t?)

Over the years, a number of folks have written to me asking if there were any existing Swingin’ Time shows. As luck would have it, L.A. resident Dave Fisher, Cass Tech ’63, who was a ‘regular’ on Swingin’ Time, home-taped six shows back then and has now burned them to DVD. They are dated: 8-27-66, 9-3-66, 9-10-66, 9-17-66, 12-24-66 and 3-11-67.

If you’re interested in these DVDs, contact me at I’ll send you a PDF that lists the shows and artists who appeared along with information on how you can obtain these disks.

Don Coles chronicles the demolition of Tiger Stadium here. Not for the faint of heart Tiger Stadium fans, this webpage provides 77 aerial views from July 5, 2008 through June 22, 2009. Sadly, more of Detroit’s history lost forever.

A poster of the final day of baseball at Tiger Stadium September 29, 1999 is available through When you use this link to make your purchase, Detroit Memories is credited.

Another one bites the dust – On June 25, 2009, Detroit’s Downtown Development Authority voted unanimously to demolish the historic Lafayette Building that sits on a triangular lot at Michigan Avenue, West Lafayette Blvd and Shelby Street.


Marshall Crenshaw is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and rock music historian. He was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 11, 1953 and grew up in the suburb of Berkley. Crenshaw began playing guitar at age 10. From 1968 to 1973 he led the band Astigafa, an acronym for “a splendid time is guaranteed for all.” Although he came along too later to have a hit record on the WKNR Music Guide, he scored a top 40 hit in 1982 with “Someday, Someway” from the film Night Shift (1982). Retro rocker Robert Gordon took “Someday, Someway” to #76 in 1981, and Crenshaw’s version made #36 the next year. In the 2000s, Crenshaw played guitar as a special guest with the reunited members of the MC5. Crenshaw’s latest CD, Jaggedland, was released on June 2, 2009.

Do you remember – Native Detroiter and actor Curtis Armstrong? He graduated from Berkley HS in 1972, one year after Crenshaw. You may remember him as ‘Booger’ in Revenge of the Nerds and as Miss Depesto’s love interest in the Cybil Shepherd / Bruce Willis TV series “Moonlighting“.

SAVE THE DATE: ARIZONA-DETROITERS DINNER Saturday, October 10, 2009 5-10 pm, Fiesta Resort Conference Center, 2100 South Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282. Our speaker will be Vic Caputo. Former Channel 2 News Anchor ~ 1968-1980. Also speaking will be Theresa (Terry) Livingston daughter of Toby David/”Captain Jolly” who’ll be bringing along a bunch of her dad’s memorabilia.

From the Mailbag: I grew up in Detroit and lived in the area until 1995 when I moved to Arizona. During the ’50s and early ’60s, I sang with a Detroit group called “Make Way for Youth,” a Don Large Chorus. We practiced every Tuesday and Thursday evening in the WJR studios and were on the radio every Saturday. It would be fun to see how many folks are still out there who participated in this group and where they are today… Joanne Blues

Well, Joanne, ‘Make Way for Youth’ produced a wealth of talent, not the least of whom was Maureen Bailey, better known as Christmas Carol. You may also be surprised to know that DJ Lee Alan was also part of this Chorus, too. Next month, I’ll feature some of the MWFY participants. In particular, we’ll take a look at the careers of Jim Beasley and his friend, the late Barry Kinder. We sorely miss Barry’s contributions to the Detroit Memories Discussion Group.

Upcoming Class Reunions

Assumption Grotto Grade School – All years | Detroit St. Thomas – All years | St. Ambrose – All classes | Cooley – Class of ’59 | Detroit Redford – Class of ’59 | Lowrey – Class of ’59 | Walled Lake Central – Class of ’59 | Mother Of Our Savior – 60’s Grade School Reunion | Fordson – Class of ’64 | Highland Park – Class of ’64 | Finney-Class of ’64, ’65 and ’66 | Lakeview (St. Clair Shores)-Class of ’67 | Waterford Township-Class of ’68 | East Catholic-Class of ’69 | Henry Ford-Class of ’69 | Lakeview (St. Clair Shores)-Class of ’69 | Livonia Franklin-Class of ’69 | Marine City-Class of ’69 | Pickney-Class of ’69 | Southfield-Class of ’69 | St. Brigid-Class of ’69 | St. David-Class of ’69 | St. Florian-Class of ’69 | St. Mary Mt. | lemens-Class of ’69 | Waterford Kettering-Class of ’69 | Wyandotte Roosevelt-Class of ’69 | Madison-Class of ’74 | Anchor Bay-Class of ’74 | Clintondale-Class of ’77 | Walled Lake Central-Class of ’77 | Lincoln Park-Class Of ’78 | Airport (Carleton, MI)-Class of ’79 | Crestwood-Class of | 79 | Romulus-Class of ’79 (also ’77-’81) | Roosevelt-Class of ’79 | St. Clement-Class of ’79. Details on all Detroit area class reunions can be found here.

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