Can Muzak evolve and survive?

Jeff Smith sent us this link to an NPR story about the past, present and questionable future of Muzak. For example, did you know that Lyndon Johnson owned a Muzak franchise and sold a subscription to the White House? Ken MacDonald, Sr., the erstwhile owner of radio stations in Saginaw, Cadillac and Petoskey once told me that a Muzak franchise was a “license to print money”. It may have subconsciously influenced my career direction.. I became a cable guy soon after that conversation.

Today Muzak is trying to dig their way out bankruptcy, even as some of the terrestrial broadcasters teeter on the brink. The key question: Will businesses pay for an “audio environment” in the age of the Ipod?

I remember sitting in the orthodontist’s office in Ann Arbor back in the 60s. Dr. Buatti had WLDM, “Detroit’s Foremost FM Station”, doing their Muzak impression in his waiting room. I wished I had a transistor with Keener playing in the ear piece. I think that perhaps that added to the excruciation of the whole braces experience!

May 20th, 2009 | Posted in Keener
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