Ken R’s First Visit to PAMS

Ken R. Deutsch is THE jingle authority. We met back in 1970 when we were both trying our hand at being disk jockeys at Ann Arbor’s WPAG. Even then, his jingle collection was mouth watering. He was kind enough to take pity on a kid with a passion and made me several 7″ reels filled with nuggets from his treasure trove.

Later, Ken would single-handedly rescue the PAMS jingle masters from certain destruction, write two classic books about the jingle art, and contribute the defining piece on WKNR’s jingles to our website. For many years, his company was licensed to re-sing the PAMS catalog, and he became the quintessential aggregator of classic jingles, selling CDs filled with pristine copies lifted from original masters.

But in the beginning, he was a wide-eyed jingle fan, who dreamed of having the famed PAMS singers cut a custom, just for him. Here’s the tale of how it happened.

Link: Jingles from the USA, No longer a big export.

Nov 30th, 2008 | Posted in Keener
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