A Day In The Life Remastered

AbbeyRoadBy Bob Berry

This is just genius. No other word.

The Beatles are preparing to re-release a remastered and expanded version of the “1” album, which was the first compilation of all the group’s #1 songs when it was originally released 15 years ago.

And as a teaser, the group have released a video, with stunning restored audio, of the closing song of Sgt. Pepper, “A Day In The Life“. And it’s not just the audio that will blow you away, it’s the video. Clips of “the boys” messing with pals Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, cross-cut with shots of an orchestra preparing to lay for an early session on the album.

The intro, the first few notes of the acoustic guitar, plus the piano, brought tears to my eyes.

A note on digital remastering. At the time of the “1” album’s original release, digital technology allowed certain improvements, the most prominent of which was tape noise reduction. But much like you and I movingĀ from a desktop to a hand-held device, digital audio tools have allowed…not so much a complete re-do, but rather an enhancement of the original recording, bringing us as close as we have been to being with the band, in Studio B at Abbey Road.

Thank goodness for the standards inĀ the audio recording process by the “men in white coats” at Abbey Road.

Oct 29th, 2015 | Posted in Beatles, Bob Berry, Keener
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