Sunday Brunch On The Poor Side Of Town

Johnny RiversBy Bob Berry

A dear friend of mine is celebrating a birthday this weekend, and this happens to be one of her favorite songs.

Mine, too. Pretty much since the first time I heard it.

Johnny Rivers wrote it, and cut it live with the Wrecking Crew trio of Hal Blaine on drums, Joe Osborne on bass and Larry Knechtel on keyboards. Then, the real genius moment happened, and The Blossoms overdubbed an unmistakable-and unforgettable, backup vocals:

“Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be…”

Jenni, the spotlight is on you and Jim. Enjoy Slow Dance Number One for Sunday Brunch on Keener.

Sep 27th, 2015 | Posted in Bob Berry, Keener
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