NYT: Frankie Valli is back In season

THE highlight of the recent Emmy Award broadcast was soundtrack from the Soprano’s tribute. The cast of the smash Broadway musical “The Jersey Boys”, performed some flawless interpretations of the music of The Four Seasons. My wife is the award show addict in our family, but I found myself pulled from the computer room, rewinding the DVR to listen again to the incredible Seasons magic. As this NYT article notes, the musical has been a catalyst for another Four Seasons rennaissance. And at the center, the singular talents of Franki Valli. The group charted 15 times on WKNR. Valli had 5 WKNR Music Guide appearances as a solo artist. At the dawn of the British Invasion, VeeJay actually put out a battle of the bands album pitting the Seasons against the Beatles. Here’s how the Four Seasons looked and sounded during a Hullabalo appearance at the height of their fame.

Sep 25th, 2007 | Posted in Keener
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