#TBT Keener Congrats To Boss Angeles’ Shotgun Tom Kelly


Shotgun Tom Kelly and Bob Berry Detroit Radio Reunion, 2005

By Bob Berry

Detroit has had a Hall of Fame’s worth of great disc jockeys.

Not just our beloved Keener jocks, but  JP McCarthy, Fred Wolfe, Lee Alan, Big Jim Edwards, Tom Shannon, “Frantic” Ernie Durham and Martha Jean “The Queen”.

And, of course, Jim Harper and the late Alan Almond, who took the Keener DNA embedded in the walls of 15001 Michigan Avenue,  and helped make what was WKNR-FM into the powerhouse WNIC.

Today, on “Throwback Thursday”, Keener 13.com honors a friend who would have fit right in with those Motor City legends, Shotgun Tom Kelly from K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles. After some 20 years in afternoon drive on K-Earth, Shotgun Tom is hangin’ up the headphones, moving into a new role as an ambassador for the station.  Riding the 405 won’t be the same without him. And “you better believe it, baby!”.

One other note. K-Earth was originally KHJ-FM, and simulcast 93/KHJ, the sister station to Motown’s CKLW.  So yeah, those jingles you hear in the video are familiar! It’s the Johnny Mann Singers, seen below singing a new “jock shout” for Shotgun.  The Johnny Mann Singers cut all the jingles for The Big 8,  and if you close your eyes, I bet you can hear them singing “CKLW Motown Sound!”, “Million Dollar Weekend!”, or “The Motor City”.



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