The Rolling Stones Hit Number One

stones headsBy Bob Berry

It was 50 years ago today, August 21, 1965 and the Rolling Stones were Number One the the album “Out Of Our Heads“.

And you could just about see it coming. Released on July 30th, “Out Of Our Heads”, was powered by two songs which are among the band’s greatest, each released as a single and perfectly timed to keep the album on the charts for a total of 66 weeks.

The first was “The Last Time”,  a personal favorite. Released in March 1965,  “The Last Time” reached #9 on the charts. Rarely played live for nearly 30 years, when The Stones “revived” it for the Bridges to Babylon tour, it brought down the house.

The second song was “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, it marked the true full flowering of the Jagger-Richards writing partnership. Released in June, ’65, it was the band’s first #1 song, and one which has never left their live repertoire.

Here are live performances of both songs. “Satisfaction” recorded in 1965 for the “Charlie Is My Darling” documentary and “The Last Time”, recorded in 2012 at Madison Square Garden. It’s cell phone video of reasonably high quality, and a testament to the power of “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”


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