Dream Cruisin’ The Big Sound Of The Dave Clark Five

dave-clark-5-650-430By Bob Berry

I got to thinking about cruising music today, “gotta-have’s” for the roll-up to Saturday’s Woodward Dream Cruise. Motown, done. Beatles, done. Soul, from Memphis and Muscle Shoals, Philly, New Orleans.

And hey, load up the local heroes! The Rationals. The Shy Guys. Tim Tam and The Turn-on’s, SRC, The Woolies and The Underdogs! Plus Key Man of Music Pat St. John’s fave: Richard the the Young Lions!

But what about something to cut through revs and the rumble of a well tuned set of Hedman Headers? Try some Dave Clark Five, the British Invasion version of the Big Block V-8 on those woofers and tweeters!

Dave just pounding his drums into the floor. Mike Smith’s great lead vocals (with lots of reverb). Denis Payton blowing up his saxophone, plus Lenny Davidson’s lead guitar and Rick Huxley’s fat bass,  all mixed with an extra touch of compression that even the Motown engineers would have been proud of!

Yeah, the DC5 were Go Big or Go Home LOUD! And they sounded great at The Totem Pole and Ted’s and they’ll sound great Saturday. Here’s a reminder, in 2:41.


Aug 11th, 2015 | Posted in Bob Berry, Keener
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