When Comics Were King

The 40th Anniversary Issue of Action Comics - June, 1978

The 40th Anniversary Issue of Action Comics – June, 1978

Were you DC or Marvel? Archie or Dick Tracy? Or were you really considered off the deep end as a fan of Mad Magazine?

Comic bo0ks were as much a part of growing up as were the DJs we loved. Saving up enough to head to our favorite comic store for the latest issue may have paralleled picking up the then current WKNR Music Guide.

Veronica, Archie & BettyWith news that Archie Comics cartoonist, Tom Moore passed away, another wave of nostalgia came over us. We’re told that the Keener Generation lived in what is now being called “The Silver Age” of American comics. For some of us, tastes evolved away from super heroes and in the direction of crime, romance and horror. By the 70s, underground comics were in full bloom, with artists like R. Crumb creating concert posters and even the logo for the famed Detroit music magazine, Creem. Crumb is still remembered for his Fritz the Cat series, which appeared in several magazines between 1965 and 1972.

And who can forget the Sunday funnies? With to significant newspapers in Detroit, how many times did you find yourself buying both on Sunday, just for the funny papers?

Dick Tracky

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