Keener Podcast – 2/5/05

On This week’s Keener13 Podcast, farewell to Dean Wormer, The Yarbirds sell Chevys,Susan Whitall talks about Russ, Paul and reunions. The Wilson Sisters sing in Vegas with Al and the Boys. We answer a Keener Q&A: What was the first major studio to produce a prime time cartoon for network television? We meet Sondra Lowell, the Tap Dancing Podcaster and we turn back the clock to 1969 to hear what our boys listened to in Vietnam. And on the way out, they spanned 9 labels in three years, recorded 12 forgettable songs and one Motor City Hit.. Who are they?

The Link List:
John Vernon at IMDB
Warner Brothers Cartoon Filmography
Paul Is Alive and Super Popular

Feb 5th, 2005 | Posted in Keener
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