Remembering Sounds Orchestral

Of the instrumentals that populated the WKNR Music Guide, Sounds Orchestral was unique. They were the only British instrumental group to top the Keener charts. Unlike EMI’s Sounds Incorporated, they never toured with the Beatles and worked primarily from the studio. Their line up in 1965 included a 40 year old keyboard guy and a 21 year old bassist. And it took a cover of American Vince Guaraldi’sCast Your Fate to the Windto get them traction in the crowded field that was competing for ears in the third year of Keener’s Detroit radio dominance. We remember Guaraldi as the music director for the Peanuts television specials. “Cast” made it to number three in Britain and went top ten on the national Billboard Chart. Although they released several additional albums and were recording into the 70s, they were a one hit wonder on WKNR with a seven week chart run peaking at number one for three weeks, ending on tax day in 1965.

Apr 18th, 2008 | Posted in Keener
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