The New Beach Boy Box Set

On June 10, Capitol released a box set with the Beach Boys US Singles from their 1962-1966 prime. This 66 track collection features both the A and B sides, the original mono mixes, stereo mixes and a ton of other goodies that we’ve come to expect with Beach Boy re-releases. It includes a 48 page hardbound book. Capitol has the new media marketing nailed too. The official Beach Boy website has a special section devoted to the box set that includes a flash player allowing you to listen to your favorite tune in its original glorious mono format.

At, we have all the original Beach Boy singles on 45, every Beach Boy LP?and just about every Capitol CD re-issue, including the first box set. Even though we haven’t bought one music CD during the last year, we’re headed to Borders to get this collection. The packaging and the aggregated content can’t be duplicated on ITunes and the product is created with such attention to detail and class, that it will be well worth the investment.

I’m thinking about how carefully the Disney folks manage their brands. They study every possible marketing channel and have found ways to package their products in every conceivable format to maximize the customer value add and associated cash flow. As the RIAA and record companies lament mp3 sharing, packages like this are the way to regenerate interest and supercharge sales.

Jun 11th, 2008 | Posted in Keener
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