Glen Campbell Update: Documentary airs Sunday Night on CNN.

It’s great to welcome Bob Berry to the Keener Blog. He grew up a Keenerfan and has been a nationally regarded radio announcer for more than four decades.

Bob BerruyBy Bob Berry
Sadly, Alzheimer’s Disease respects no one.

Family member, public figure, rich and famous, poor and unknown; it matters not. It is a vicious disease, ripping families apart, tearing at emotions, taking the very memories that stir emotion.

And perhaps because Glen Campbell was a star of the first magnitude, his battle with Alzheimer’s struck a chord and stirred emotions in all of us. His courage at the Grammy awards. His missing the Academy Awards. Touring, Living, Pressing On, into the unknown.
Glenn Campbell

Here’s an update on Glen’s condition, from his daughter Ashley, courtesy of Rolling, and it’s tough stuff. But, as the family has done since the announcement of Glen’s fight, there is a larger purpose: Our education.

Sunday Night at 9pm, CNN will air “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”, the beautiful and moving documentary of Glen’s last tour, and his gradual descent into the emptiness that is Alzheimer’s. It exposes raw truths, it celebrates a great entertainer; it is a testament to a family supporting and encouraging a dignified end of (cognitive) life.

For those of us of the Keener generation, who are facing the challenges of aging, and caring for aging parents who also may be facing Alzheimer’s or dementia issues, it is especially poignant.

All of us at hope you enjoy it. And ask for prayers of health and thanksgiving for Glen and the Campbell family.


Jun 26th, 2015 | Posted in Bob Berry, Keener
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