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Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Keener13.com! We regularly place re-creations of the WKNR Music Guide of the Keener Facebook Page. This one, from May 26, 1965 is particularly appropriate. It represents Keener at it’s musical best, with the wide variety of musical styles that typified the years before radio started to fragment. There’s Johnny Rivers’ “Seventh Son” rocketing into the survey at #23. “Mr. Tambourine Man” had the biggest jump, from #26 to #10. And, in the Detroit tradition, there’s a Motown Tune at the top of the heap. Elvis is still making hits and, ironically, there are no major British bands represented. The closest thing, The Beau Brummells, were a San Francisco unit that patterned their sound after what was coming out of England.

WKNR-Jim-Jeffries-1965.-248x300Our featured air check comes from May 31, 1965. It’s Jim Jeffries on overnights, proving that even in the wee hours, Keener was rockin. Woodward 3-8925 was jingling off the hook, even at 1AM and Jim attracted callers, talking with listener Byron B. Goodie an delivering on Byron’s “Pick and Play” for “Summer in the City”.

Jim came to Detroit via the Knorr operation in Battle Creek. If you listen closely to the Keener sonovox that was part of the WKNR imaging, you’ll hear that it’s pronounced “Keefer”, a reference to WKFR, Keener’s Cereal City Sister.

Need to get in the mood for the holiday? Enjoy this Youtube video of the number one song from Memorial Day weekend, 1965!

May 25th, 2014 | Posted in Keener
  1. Tom Proctor
    May 29th, 2014 at 12:02 | #1

    This is great I listened to WKNR Kenner 13 throughout my teenage years….. So, so many memories… I graduated in 1970 from Annapolis High School in Dearborn Hgts and everyone listened to Keener… We are having a 45 year class reunion May 2015, do any of the former DJ’s still spin? We’d love to have someone playing music at our reunion….

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